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eimer, corpo●rate vice president◆ of the Original〓 Equipment Manufact○urer Divisio●n at Microsof◆t. "Imagine ha●ving your ala●rm clock not only w〓ake you up bu

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ation ne◆eds in the● home, but this s●ort of solution i○s bound to 〓be expensive and c◆omplex. We're ta●king a fundamenta●lly different■ approach, buil

di〓ng devices ○with computing po●wer and Internet ●connections◆ to perform spec○ific functions in ◆order to kee○p costs low and the● user interf◆ace simple." H■ui has coined ●the term "●neo-diginet" to de●scribe this new 〓generation 〓of Internet-linked d◆evices. "Our platfo●rm will make it○ fast, easy an●d affo

rdable ◆to build an almost〓 unlimited va○riety of neo-dig■inet devic○es -- from○ digital photo○ frames to cof●fee makers and ref◆rigerators -- t◆hat will redefine th○e


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term 'household ap■pliance,'" he○ said. The first ●neo-diginet dev●ices are expected t●o hit the market in 〓late 2009.


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Company l■eaders hope that onc〓e their technology◆ proves its ●appeal, appli■ance and device● manufactu○rers will ●sta


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rt offering Fugoo◆-ready prod○ucts equipped w〓ith docking por●ts for its 〓modules, ju〓st as some cars ●now come equippe


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d〓 with docking st〓ations for portable ◆media players■, according to ◆the Microsoft rel●ease. The CES, the w◆orld's lar

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